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Value of ERMA Certifications for Professionals

While there are many ways to prove your capabilities, being certified by a credible global organization has always been the surest way to define your professionalism.
The rapid growth of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) have led to an increasing need of risk management capabilities. With high acquisition rate of ISO 31000 standard, companies throughout the world are now in search for professionals who could manage the company’s risks holistically and effectively.

So if you are a risk professional, whether you are working on technical, managerial, or strategic level of organization, having a widely recognized competency in ERM is a must to boost your career. ERMA certifications provide exactly that. By having one of our certifications, you finally have what your career has been waiting for years—wider opportunity and recognition in risk management field.

Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional

Having ERMCP (Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional) proves that you have not only the understanding of ISO 31000 principles and concepts, but also:
  • specific experience and expertise in risk management
  • the ability to demonstrate knowledge, experiences and skills in managing the ERM process