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ERMAP Certification Overview

ERMAP - Enterprise Risk Management Associate Professional

ERMAP or Enterprise Risk Management Associate Professional is a professional certification issued by ERMA, designed on the ground of ISO 31000 Risk Management International Standard.

ERMAP is given to professionals who are comparatively less experienced in the field of Enterprise Risk Management, but are able to demonstrate an integrated and comprehensive knowledge of the essential principles and fundamental concepts required for managing enterprise-wide risks.

Who should apply?

Practitioners, professionals, and/or students with less than 3 (three) years of ERM experience.

How to obtain ERMAP

ERMAP certification can be obtained through EBA (Exam-Based Assessment) for ERMAP.
The ERMAP exam costs USD 500, which includes:
  • Exam study materials (6 modules), to help you in facing the exam
  • Access to Exam simulation, to familiarize yourself with the exam format
  • Exam fee
  • Certification fee should you pass the exam