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CERG - Certification Overview

Certified in Enterprise Risk Governance

CERG - Certified in Enterprise Risk Governance

CERG or Certified in Enterprise Risk Governance is a professional certification issued by ERMA, designed on the ground of ISO 31000 Risk Management International Standard.

The CERG is given to high-level ranking officers and decision makers who can demonstrate their competency through superior knowledge and experiences in assuring and overseeing the ERM implementation in their organization.

Who should apply?

Professionals and practitioners with a minimum of 15 (fifteen) years of experience, of which the last 3 (three) years of experience is at senior management, and/or at oversight body, and/or at equivalent roles.

How to obtain CERG

The provisions for CERG process costs USD 500, which includes: 
  • Provisions administration
  • Certification fee should you pass the exam
To learn more about the Provisions please click here