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The Importance of Drones in Handling Disaster-related Incidents

A study conducted by Zurich North America revealed the importance of drones in disaster planning, response and relief operations. Drones can be useful for many disaster-related incidents, from helping extinguish fires to evacuate casualties and deliver supplies and equipment needed. Zurich as a co-sponsor of the study explained the details on drones and its functions to assist in handling after-effect disasters at the annual conference & exhibition of Risk Insurance Management Society [RIMS] which was held on April 27 in New Orleans. The conference was attended by thousands of insurance industry experts and most of the industries are based in North America. 
The study entitled ‘Drones for Disaster Response and Relief Operations’ argues that the collected aerial data from drones can be used before, during, and after disasters. The study also stated an overview regarding possible solutions, recommendation on how to remove regulatory barriers, and deployment models. In addition, it is revealed that drones are able to perform the ‘3D’ tasks which are coined byProperty Casualties 360as dirty, dull, and dangerous task.
Drones can assist risk management to prevent potential losses before the disasters hit in certain areas by terrain mapping. British researchers in Malaysia used drones to map patterns of deforestation which was correlated with the growing malaria incidences. The study also revealed that drones still work properly even in unsafe environments for humans. After 9/11 incident, drones were used to reach the victims who caught in awfully narrow spaces and unstable rubble piles. In short, when the disaster rescuers face the difficulties in reaching the victims, drones can be used efficiently to handle the work.