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CISO Summit India 2017


Program Synopsis

Organizations of the future need to move on from the prevention-only approach to the detection and response approach. While prevention still remains as a very important function for the CISOs, it is futile without a detection and response strategy. With the sophistication of attacks and the vulnerability of systems, our only edge aside from technology will be our skilled experts.

In partnership with ERMA, EC Council is proud to announce its 3rd Edition CISO Summit, scheduled for 14th July 2017 in Mumbai. The summit will address crucial topics like the national cyber security architecture, investments in cyber security, ensuring a safer use of cloud, securing your IoT infrastructure and skill set scarcity. With cyber security becoming a global concern, the summit will facilitate dialogue between key government stakeholders and businesses to discuss the ever changing cyber-crime threats.

Key Topics

  1. Laying The Foundation for A Successful Digital Economy
  2. India Collaborates with The World to Combat Cyber Security Threats
  3. Discussing and Debating the National Cyber Security Architecture to Monitor And Certify India’s Networks In Accordance With Law
  4. Cyber Security – Are You Invested Enough?
  5. Enabling A Safer Use of Cloud
  6. Emerging Approaches to Securing the IOT Infrastructure
  7. What Is A Cyber Security Cover? Are You Really Covered?
  8. What Is Keeping Your CISO Up All Night?

Program Details

Mumbai, India
14 July 2017

Featured Speakers


And many more!

Who Should Attend


For all enquiries regarding speaking, sponsoring and attending this conference, please contact:
Meghana Vyas

Landline: +91-40-4994-9151
Mobile: +91-84240-61022​
Email: meghana.vyas@eccouncil.org