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Innovations of the 21st Century

History has taught us that humans are the most curious and smartest living organisms on the planet resulting discoveries of new inventions. From the moment some caveman bashed a rock on the ground to make the first sharp-edged tool, to the development of electricity and the Internet; several key advancements stand out as particularly revolutionary. Despite the fact that we have hardly spent fifteen years in the new millennium, our century is already full of great and not-so-great inventions which remind us that no matter how advanced our society might be, human curiosity never fails to seek out new advancements and technologies.
We see some of these new things as mind blowing devices for our daily life. But can we imagine how these inventions might reshape the world, just like how Printing Press, Lightbulb, et cetera did in the past? Below are the potential humanity changers from the 21st century.”